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May 12 - Independent Restaurant Coalition: Proposed Changes to PPP A Good Start for Independent Restaurants, But Not Sufficient



May 12, 2020


Jeff Solnet


Independent Restaurant Coalition:  Proposed Changes to PPP A Good Start for Independent Restaurants, But Not Sufficient

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) issued the following statement on the bill proposed by the House of Representatives, which includes sweeping fixes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): 

“Independent restaurants are being heard on Capitol Hill. We are grateful to the members of Congress who fought for these critical changes to the Paycheck Protection Program. The expansion of EIDL and improvements to PPP included in the House Democrats' proposal will give these 500,000 small restaurants a better chance of reopening their doors when it's safe to do so, however, more work from Congress is needed to ensure independent restaurants have the resources needed to stay in business.

"The PPP remains an eight week band-aid for an 18 month problem overwhelming independent restaurants, who face nearly insurmountable odds as they meet new requirements for public safety. They will incur new expenses for necessities like protective items and heightened cleaning protocols, while modifying dining rooms to reduce seating will cause independent restaurants to lose up to 50% in revenue if they are able to reopen at all. Independent restaurants will not be 'back to normal' anytime soon, and that's exactly why we've asked Congress for a stabilization fund; to ensure these businesses can reopen, stay open, and re-employ 11 million people."

The Independent Restaurant Coalition was formed by chefs and independent restaurant owners across the country who have built a grassroots movement to secure vital protections for the nation’s more than 500,000 independent restaurants and the more than 11 million restaurant workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The Coalition’s leadership team includes José Andrés, Kevin Boehm, Sean Brock, Andrew Carmellini, Ashley Christensen, Amanda Cohen, Tom Colicchio, Nina Compton, Rosa Garcia, Suzanne Goin, Gregory Gourdet, Will Guidara, Mason Hereford, Sam Kass, Mike Lata, Camilla Marcus, Ivy Mix, Kwame Onwuachi, Patrick Phelan, Naomi Pomeroy, Steven Satterfield, Michael Shemtov, Nancy Silverton, Frank Stitt, Bobby Stuckey, Caroline Styne, Jill Tyler, and Andrew Zimmern.