Each piece of Blanc Creatives’ collection is handcrafted in Virginia, fusing quality materials—like Carbon Steel, Copper, and Walnut—with strong culinary roots to craft enduring products that combine design and functionality. One of the most popular and versatile products, the 11” Pro Skillet is 21.5” in length (handle included) with an 8” cooking surface, providing plenty of room for cooking without occupying too much space on the stovetop or when stored. Handcrafted from carbon steel, the lightweight pan moves effortlessly from the stovetop to oven and is created to last a lifetime—backed by a true lifetime guarantee.

Shipping is available, ordering by 12/10 is recommended for holiday gifting.  Blanc creatives is currently estimating a 1-2 week turnaround time for their Pro Carbon Steel Cookware from when the order is placed to when the order is shipped. Any changes to their policy of a two-week lead time are announced on their website.