Tea Drunk produces the world's most prized teas from China's best terroir

It is our passion to bring the truly finest teas to the world. Every Spring, we head to the most profound mountains in China to eat, sleep and work alongside the heritage farmers to produce the world's most prized teas. Each tea in our selection is harvested for only 10 to 15 days a year, and every bud and leaf is handpicked and handcrafted meticulously with time perfected artisanship. Each batch cannot be recreated, just as nature cannot be duplicated.

Tea Drunk's unparalleled expertise allows us to commission and source teas that adhere to the rigorous standards set by a long heritage. We aim to introduce the pinnacle of tea to tea lovers, nurturing those interested from their very first cup to lifelong connoisseurs through education and access. We strive to sustain the height of tea that humans have achieved thus far in history. Tea Drunk is a Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise in New York City.

The Holiday Tea Sampler: Classic Selection - This sampler is ideal for tea drinkers of all kinds - from the casual novice to the deepest connoisseur. The wide range of flavors, textures, and tastes will impress all! The uniquely curated selection of four teas highlights some of our most beloved and daily-drinkable teas: Huo Qing, Bai Ye, Dian Hong, and Wu Liang Shan.

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