Accessibility to high quality, healthy Native and Indigenous ingredients is extremely limited based on location. Tocabe’s Indigenous Marketplace is simplifying the supply chain and making regional shopping local by giving you access to Native and Indigenous ingredients.

Your purchase from the Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace helps others through their incredible community impact program:

1. For every two items purchased, Tocabe will donate one item to Native and Indigenous community based organizations, to create accessibility to wholesome and nutritious traditional foods. 
2. When you buy an assorted twelve item box, Tocabe will donate an assorted six item box to send to an individual or group of our choice.
3. Tocabe will also match bulk and wholesale purchases with a 50% donation- for example, for a 500 pound purchase Tocabe will donate 250 pounds of food. 

Visit the marketplace for an extensive selection of beans, grains, spices, syrups and more.